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My Songs.

March 2021 - We are excited to announce the release on 31 March of EP "When I get to Texas", featuring "Bluesman's Lullaby" and "Poor Bill" as well as the title track. These three tracks represent the range and diversity of musicianship of the Keith Pearson Band. Available on the Indii Music App. Please share the news.

June 2020 - Live recordings of Coup de Grass concerts at Hitchin Folk Club are available, email

​Listen to clips of Keith's music here.  

To buy CDs or enquire about Keith's songs, contact us.

Rough and Rowdy - Keith Pearson Band
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Go Down Easy - Keith Pearson
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Second is a waste of time - Keith Pearson
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"Ours is the Morning", one of Keith's earliest and most tender love songs,  has recently been released in Greece by singer Mikaela Darmani

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